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The Porter Assistance Project

Kili Post-Climb Survey

Name of company  

Name of guide  

Number of climbers in your group  

Number of crew  

Route taken  

Number of days  


In general, do you feel that the porters were properly outfitted regarding: Yes No Don't Know N/A
Clothing: Did your porters have proper clothing?
Shelter: Did your porters sleep in the mess tent?
Were their tents of adequate quality?
Were your porters overcrowded in their tents?
Sleeping:Did every porter have a sleeping bag?
Food: Did the porters eat at least two meals each day?
Weight: Were the bags the porters carried 20 kilos or less?
Did you directly observe their bags being weighed?
Wages: Do you know how much your porters were paid?
Did your porters' pay include food?
Tipping: Did you leave a tip for your porter(s)?
Was the Number of Porters in your group the same each day?
Did you count the number of porters each day?
Sick Porters: If porters became sick or injured were they treated well?

Clothing: Please rate the porters clothing:    

Wages: If you know how much your porters were paid, please specify the amount:  

Tipping: How did you tip your porters?  

If you selected other for the previous question, please specify:

How much did you tip each porter?

Abuse & Neglect: Did you witness any, including porters that were not a part of your group?

Any additional comments:

What would you suggest to improve porter treatment and conditions?